Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view during the week?

Unfortunately not. Our viewing and bidding times are Saturdays & Sundays 9am to 3pm only.

What sorts of things do you sell?

We sell anything you wish to sell! Goods must be clean & in good working order when they arrive. Some of our goods categories are Antiques & collectables, Fine Art, sporting, Marine, Electrical & whitegoods, Furniture, bedding & household items, Jewellery, Tools. hardware & machinery, Photography & travel, hobbies & musical instruments, boats, cars, motorbikes & trailers. We do NOT sell stained bedding or chairs. 2 wheel suitcases (4 wheel are ok), firearms or explosives. We do not accept goods for sale with reserve prices exceeding their market value.

How is your auction house different?

We sell items on consignment from the general public, just like any other Auction house. We are NOT a tender center - we sell to the highest bidder, with the same terms & conditions applied to each purchase with EVERY bidder. Each week we get an average of 1000 ‘new’ items in store. We then sell them through a silent auction/bidding process. Customers come into Bidbarn during the weekend auction and place a $ amount on items they wish to own. At 3pm Sunday, our high tech system We then tallies up all bids, and the highest, first received bid over reserve are awarded to the highest bidder. We have an average of 5000 items our HUGE Bid Barn Auction House each week. Its a great way to Buy & Sell in Newcastle

What happens if I buy an item and it does not work, or I change my mind?

We do not want to sell faulty items. Most mechanical or electrical items are declared working by the owner when they bring it here, however some estates arrive with goods undeclared/untested. At Auction, all bids are FINAL - it is the only retail transaction that YOU take full responsibility for. There are no refunds of goods sold at Auction, so when you inspect, we encourage you to ensure it meets the description we give and it suits your needs BEFORE YOU BID - again, just like every other Auction House.

Can I bid below the items reserve price?

The reserve prices trigger a sale in our automated, anonymous tallies. If it is a high quality product, or the first 2 weeks in, an under reserve bid is too much work for us & labours the computer tally unnecessarily. PLEASE DO NOT BID $1-$2 UNDER RESERVE, NOR RIDICULOUS UNDERBIDS ON HIGH PRICE ITEMS - it is too much work for us to accommodate, quite ridiculous & will upset our vendors. We do NOT accept underbids on art glass, quality jewellery, bullion or cast iron decorative products. Be reasonable, get a great bargain & try to think like a seller. OUR RESERVES ARE CHEAP, AND WE DO NOT TAKE IN GOODS OVER MARKET VALUE.

What happens if I bid the same amount as another bidder and we are both the highest?

All bid forms are handed out in numerical order. Therefore, the lowest bid form number will get the items because they bid that amount first. It is the fairest way!

What is the minimum bid?

$2 (+fees if successful)

If I am successful, when can I pick up the goods?

Pick up of any successful goods are strictly

Mon, Tue & Wed 10am-6pm and Thursday 10am-1pm after the sale.

Call 49695656 if you cannot meet this obligation.

Can I withdraw a bid once I have made it?

Once a bid has been made it is a contract to buy if you are successful. Please ensure the items you bid on are fit for your purpose.

What is the buyers premium and lot fee?

An additional 16.5% (incl. GST) will be added to any successful bids. They are also subject to a lot fee of $2.75 per lot.

Does it cost to register or make bids?

Registration and bidding are free. However if any of your bids are successful you will have to pay a buyers premium and lot fee on top of your bid price.o.

When can I inspect/view items, and bid?

Every Saturday 9am-3pm & Sunday 9am-3pm (except Christmas weekend!)

When & how do I get paid for my sales as a Vendor?

Once an item is sole, the bidder has to collect & pay for the item. Once this process is complete, the monies are available to be released to the Vendor. Bid Barn Auction House transfers the Vendor monies direct to their bank accounts every Thursday evening or Friday. Monies owed to Vendors under $100 can be collected in cash on Wednesdays 10am-6pm or Thursdays 10am -1pm, if they have been paid for. Of Course, we do not know what day a bidder is collecting & can't guarantee monies for collection on any particular day.

How long do you keep my goods in the Auction?

Items MUST be left with us for a total of 3 Auctions/3 weekends, if not sold earlier. Any items that are unsold can be collected on Monday after their last sale at no charge. However, if you wish, items can remain in house for the next Auction, but the reserve is reset to NIL(zero). We do not store goods, nor do we remind our thousands of customers of their obligations, so it is important to ensure you collect any items you do not wish to go to no reserve immediately after the last sale. Goods here too long will be disposed of, often at the Vendors expense. EXCEPTIONS include fine jewellery, vehicles, antiquites or other higher priced items which take longer to sell, and we are happy to accommodate Vendors for additional weeks in house with these items.

Are some goods unsuitable for your Auction House?

Yes, some items are not suitable or legal for auction. Stained, marked or "older style fabric" 2nd hand mattresses, old style TV units, grey/melamine/computer desks, dirty/torn lounges, firearms & gelblasters, old style TVs, electrical items that do not work (unless antique value), incomplete items, Frame-less mirrors, Rusty/damaged push bikes, fax machines, printers without software, unclean whitegoods, baby items. If you would like to check if your items are able to be entered please call 49695656.

Can I have a $ reserve on my items?

Yes of course, items can have a reserve on them set by the owner. We can help with pricing if needed. Items will not sell until they receive a bid on or over your reserve. You have the opportunity to accept bids under your reserve following a sale. Please note, if items are deemed to be heavily overpriced, we may ask you to reduce it or refuse the entry of the item. Some people attempt to use us a short-term storage

Any limit on how many items I can bring in?

No, you can bring 1 or 1000 items to BidBarn..

Does it cost me to put items in the auction?

No, we only charge commission upon sale of the item

What charges do Vendors pay you?
Items sold under $500 are subject to a 20% commission plus 2% GST. For example, if you sell at item for $100, you will get back $78. If your goods do not sell, and are bulky and require our disposal (instead of your collection) dump fees will be charged.
When can I bring in my items to sell at Auction?

We accept goods for auction Mon, Tue, Wed 10am-5.30pm

No goods are accepted on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.