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Established for over 10 years, our business is focused on old fashioned Australian values, with quality goods, great customer service, friendly staff & prompt vendor payments every week.

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BidBarn is a place where people, businesses, not for profits (charities), government agencies and fiduciary duty officials, sell goods on consignment basis using our exclusive ‘silent auction’ process.

In a ‘silent auction’ you are not aware of other bids on the item/s! Bidders are to place bids on item/s, then at the end of the auction all bids are tallied by a confidential computed process. The highest bidder over reserve ‘wins’ that item/s, and underbids are sent to sellers for their 48 hour consideration immediately via email.

All items have a reserve displayed, which gives an indication of what minimum price should be reached to trigger a “sale”. We also have many items each week that are ‘no reserve’ meaning a minimum bid of $2 or higher has a chance of winning that item!

We’re a family owned business!

Honest, Reliable, Courteous & Reliable – We can’t be beat!

Bidding at Bidbarn

Every weekend, Sat & Sun, 9am to 3pm, we have around 3500 items in our 1000m² warehouse all looking for a new home!

Pre-loved items are in abundance and its you who can score that new guitar, second fridge, project tool or hardware or that antique rocking horse you have always desired.

Come and experience the fun and addictive bargain buying by auction!

Placing bids is easy!

Browse all the items Bidbarn has to offer at our Wickham HQ, send through your bids with your smartphone or use the old fashioned pen and paper – results for both buyers & sellers are emailed Sunday evening direct to your email.

Benefits of selling at Bidbarn

Like Pre-Loved Items

Make Your

Get Successful Listing Results By Email

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Appliances | Computer & Networking | Apparel | Health & Beauty | Jewelry & Watch | General | Tools & Machinery

What Clients Say?

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Elliott Chadwick
Elliott Chadwick
Always fun, always a bargain, always friendly people at the bid barn!
Opaque Exactly
Opaque Exactly
Fabulous doing business with you
Robin Rose
Robin Rose
Great way to spend a Sunday morning. Staff are very friendly and you can normally find a cool item or two! Shout out to Trevor aka 'Mr. T' who goes above and beyond.
Jane Kiernan
Jane Kiernan
Super organised and easy to drop goods off.

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